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The website of the Fleming family of Bourke NSW and its forebears

Family forebears

The family forebears include the following families: Bowen, Flowerdew, Gardner, Gordon, Grady, Hanrahan, Jolliffe, Kemp, Kessey, Murphy, Poulton and Press. And, of course, their forebears with other family names too numerous to list.

The chart below identifies family forebears who have trod the Earth before us. You can expand the chart to reveal earlier generations by clicking on the plus sign boxes. Click on any underlined name in the chart to switch to a page devoted to events in that person's life. (Note that the details of living people are kept confidential and, therefore, their names are not underlined.)

Family forebears chart
Born in Australia
Emigrated to Australia
Lived in England
Lived in Scotland
lived in Ireland
Lived in Wales

This website

You can access a range of information about these families by using the drop-down menus at the top of the pages. Some of the key sections of the website are:
  • Surnames - links to pages that provide details of the origins of each family surname; outlines how the family came to Australia; and lists key forebears who bore that surname
  • Biographies - links to detailed biographies of notable family forebears
  • Stories - links to a range of essays about aspects of the history of these families
  • Books - links to books published about this family
  • Research - a range of essays that detail the research methodology that facilitated the discovery of particular episodes in the family's history
  • Family photos - a page of thumbnail portrait images that you can click to bring up a full-sized image
  • Family event images - a page of thumbnail event-related images that you can click to bring up a full-sized image
  • Family graves - a page of thumbnail gravestone images that you can click to bring up a full-sized image
  • Family documents - a list of source documents; some include a thumbnail document image that you can click to bring up a full-sized image
  • Charts - links to a range of interactive family charts
  • Indexes - links to a number of useful site indexes
  • Recent changes - recent changes to this website
  • Archived family history site - this archived site served us well for a decade or more

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Historical birthdays

The calendar below reveals some historical family birthdays for this month. You can click on any name to obtain details about the person's life.
Click on any name in the calendar to be taken to a page devoted to that person.

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