Family stories
This page brings together a range of memoirs and essays that illustrate particular episodes in the family's history. See also:

  • Biographies - Short essays that tell the life story of one of my notable forebears
  • Books - Self-published books - all available for purchase
  • Research - Essays that detail the research methodology that facilitated the discovery of particular episodes in the family's history

Croker Prize

In 2014 the Society of Australian Genealogists established the annual Croker Prize for Biography (named in memory of benefactors Colin and Loas Croker). The prize is awarded to the author of the best biographical essay submitted in accordance with whatever theme the judges choose for that year. Every financial member can submit one entry to the competition each year.

The following Croker Prize entries that were written and submitted by James Michael Fleming all relate to members of this family.

Collected stories

These are a few of the interesting stories from our history.

Bruce's stories

These autobiographical stories were written by Bruce Fleming (1929-2016).
  • The early years - 1929 - Bruce Fleming's memoirs about his early life
  • The cadets - 1940 - Bruce Fleming's memoir about mates on Maroubra Beach