Charles Taylor Fleming, taken on 8 August 1905

Charles Taylor Fleming

(1878 - 1937)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     Charles was born at 4.45 pm on 27 December 1878 in 666 Springfield Rd, Glasgow, ScotlandG. His father was described as an "Iron Moulder (Journeyman)".1,2,3,4,5 He was the son of Charles Fleming and Margaret Scott Ballentine.1,4,5,2

Family surname

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     He died at age 58 on 24 May 1937 in 71 Kite Street, Orange, AustraliaG. The official cause of death was "carcinoma of the tongue (pharyngeal portion").4 There was a funeral for Charles Taylor Fleming Charles on 25 May 1937 in St John's Church. The Orange Leader newspaper reported: "The esteem in which the late Charles Taylor Fleming was held was eloquently testified by the huge gathering, thoroughly representative of practically all phases of public life, with so many of which he had been intimately associated, at the funeral yesterday afternoon.

"The cortege was several blocks in length, and was preceded by marchers who comprised: Brothers of Court Little John Ancient Order of Foresters, headed by Chief Ranger, Bro J Bashford, and numbering about 50; members of the Orange Bowling and Civic Club, and shire and municipal employees."

"In a short address in the church, Rev. Mills said that a poet had well said that 'man dies, but sorrow never dies'".

"'A man who takes a public part in the life of a community has a great strain upon his nervous system and his strength,' said Mr Mills. 'I have been struck sometimes by the early demise of men in public life. It is the price we pay for the work of God we do in the great economy of the thing.'"

"The service closed with the singing of 'Abide With Me,' which had been requested, and the funeral then took place."

"After the burial service was conducted by the Rev Mills, Bro. E H Allen, P C R, on behalf of the Chief Ranger, Bro. J Bashford, read the funeral oration of the Foresters' Lodge."

A long list of mourners and their association with the deceased is given.6 He was buried on 25 May 1937 in Presbyterian Cemetery, Orange, AustraliaG.4

Family life


     He married Ada Grace Flowerdew on 16 May 1900 in 471 Pitt Street, Sydney, AustraliaG. They were married according to the rites of the Greek Eastern Orthodox Church.1,4

Children of Charles Taylor Fleming and Ada Grace Flowerdew

Life event details


  • On on 4 November 1883, Charles, Charles, Margaret and William arrived at in Magnetic Island aboard "Eastern Monarch".7,4
    The Fleming family migrated to Australia abourd the "Eastern Monarch" (picture: "Eastern Monarch", State Library of Victoria)

Census, occupation and residence information

  • He appeared on the census of 3 April 1881 in the household of Charles Fleming in 690 Springfield Road, Barony, ScotlandG.5
  • On 16 May 1900 Charles Taylor Fleming was occupied as a produce clerk and living at Balmain, AustraliaG.1
  • Charles was employed by Prescott's Ltd as a clerk in Orange, AustraliaG, in 1900. The local newspaper the Orange Leader wrote in his obituary: "With the well-known produce firm his progress was so good that in 1900 when Mr Fleming was 21 years of age and newly married he was transferred to Orange for the opening of the branch here.".6
  • Charles was elected Secretary of the Court of Little John, Ancient Order of Foresters., circa 1906 in Orange, AustraliaG. "He had been in Orange only a short time before he was bearing a responsible office as secretary of the Court of Little John, Ancient Order of Foresters and, excepting for an early break due to business necessity, discharged this task until his death.".6
  • Charles was employed by Canobolas Shire Council at Orange NSW as Shire Clerk on 7 March 1906. The local newspaper The Orange Leader recorded in his obituary: "March 7 1906 saw the inception of local government with the proclamation of 134 shires and Mr Fleming was appointed Shire Clerk with the temporary council, among members of which was the present president, Cr M F Dalton. When an elected Council met in December of that year, the Shire Clerk's appointment was confirmed and he held the office ever since...".6
  • Charles was elected Treasurer and Secretary of the Orange District Benevolent Society for many years., circa 1910 in Orange, AustraliaG.6
  • He was elected Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in Orange, AustraliaG, circa 1911.6
  • Charles was elected Secretary of the Western Districts Bowling Association in 1911 in Orange, AustraliaG. "The Western Districts Bowling Association was founded at Orange in 1911 at a meeting of delegates from Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange and Wellington clubs, on the request of the deceased and Mr H H Lee. Mr Fleming was elected secretary with Mr Lee as president for the first year, relinquishing office at the end of the term."
    "In 1933-34 the deceased was a member of the Western District championship rink.".6
  • Charles was elected Honorary auditor in Orange District Hospital in January 1919 in Orange, AustraliaG. "In January 1919 he was elected honorary auditor of the Orange District Hospital and he audited, with Mr G L Williams, the books of the institution until the end of his life.".6
  • On 31 January 1929 Charles Taylor Fleming was occupied as a shire clerk.8
  • Charles was elected President of Orange Rugby Leage circa 1931 in Orange, AustraliaG. He had been Vice President for some years prior to this.6

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • Charles was ill with a grave malady of the throat in Orange hospital in October 1936. His obituary in The Orange Leader later reported that "when Mr Fleming was about to embark with his wife upon a Tasman crossing to visit relatives in New Zealand, his health failed and he was admitted to hospital, where it was found he suffered from a grave malady of the throat. So began a long period of great trial for the sufferer and his family.
    "Since that time Mr Fleming suffered very greatly, and the hardships of his illness were shared by his devoted wife and daughter Irene..."
    "Periodic visits to Sydney for treatment of a severe nature were borne courageously by the sick man and his welfare was the constant concern of shire councillors, fellow members of his lodge, sportsmen with whom he had mingled in football circles and on the bowling green, and even by citizens who knew him only in business.".6



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