Ada Grace Fleming (nee Flowerdew), circa 1950

Ada Grace Flowerdew

(1881 - circa 1952)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     Ada was born on 21 October 1881 in Balmain, AustraliaG. She was born in Sutton Street, Balmain in the presence of Dr Carruthers and Mrs McSparren. Her father was a 34 year old labourer and her mother was 35. Her older siblings consisted of three brothers and one sister living and one sister deceased.1,2 She was the daughter of John James Flowerdew and Grace House.1,2,3 As of 16 May 1900 her married name was Fleming.1

Family surname

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     She died circa 1952 in Orange, AustraliaG.

Family life


     She married Charles Taylor Fleming on 16 May 1900 in 471 Pitt Street, Sydney, AustraliaG. They were married according to the rites of the Greek Eastern Orthodox Church.1,4

Children of Ada Grace Flowerdew and Charles Taylor Fleming

Life event details

Census, occupation and residence information

  • On 16 May 1900 Ada Grace Flowerdew was occupied as a dressmaker while living at Balmain, AustraliaG.1
  • Her spouse, Charles, was employed by Prescott's Ltd in Orange, AustraliaG, as a clerk 1900. The local newspaper the Orange Leader wrote in his obituary: "With the well-known produce firm his progress was so good that in 1900 when Mr Fleming was 21 years of age and newly married he was transferred to Orange for the opening of the branch here.".5

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • They took care of Charles Taylor Fleming during his illness in October 1936. His obituary in The Orange Leader later reported that "when Mr Fleming was about to embark with his wife upon a Tasman crossing to visit relatives in New Zealand, his health failed and he was admitted to hospital, where it was found he suffered from a grave malady of the throat. So began a long period of great trial for the sufferer and his family.
    "Since that time Mr Fleming suffered very greatly, and the hardships of his illness were shared by his devoted wife and daughter Irene..."
    "Periodic visits to Sydney for treatment of a severe nature were borne courageously by the sick man and his welfare was the constant concern of shire councillors, fellow members of his lodge, sportsmen with whom he had mingled in football circles and on the bowling green, and even by citizens who knew him only in business.".5



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