Stella Jolliffe, circa 1928

Stella Jolliffe

(1910 - 2007)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     She was born on 1 May 1910 in McQuarie Street, Cowra, AustraliaG. Her father was a labourer aged 25 and her mother was aged 18 years. The registration was witnessed by Susan Jolliffe.1,2 She was the daughter of James Jolliffe and Amy Laura Emily Gardner.2 As of 31 January 1929 her married name was Fleming.2,3 As of 18 December 1944 her married name was Willemsen. As of circa 1950 her married name was Pelissot.

Family surname

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     She died at age 96 on 7 April 2007 in Moyne Aged Care Facility, Canowindra, AustraliaG. She was buried on 10 April 2007 in Canowindra, AustraliaG.

Family life


     She married Reginald Angus Fleming on 31 January 1929 in All Saints' Church, Canowindra, AustraliaG. The consent of both fathers was obtained. Charles Taylor Fleming was a Shire Clerk while James Jolliffe was a Contractor. The groom, a Bachelor Bank Clerk, was aged 20 from Orange and the bride, a Spinster Clerk, was 18 and lived at Cowra.2,3 She and Reginald Angus Fleming were divorced circa 1943. She married Johannes Willemsen on 18 December 1944 in Kingsford, AustraliaG. She married Jacques Pelissot on 9 November 1949 in Nairobi, KenyaG.

Children of Stella Jolliffe and Reginald Angus Fleming

Child of Stella Jolliffe and Jacques Pelissot

  • Georges Alain Jacques Pelissot

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