George Waples Private in the 4th Kings Own, circa 1830. This is actually a portrait of one of the other men in his Regiment - Henry Watson - painted by Charles Dean.

George Waples

(1807 - 1884)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     George was born in 1807 in EnglandG.1 He was the son of John Waples.1

Family surname

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     He left a will on 20 July 1880 in Mount Kembla, AustraliaG.2 He died on 27 February 1884 in Mount KemblaG. The official cause of death was paralysis. He was aged 77 years.1,2 His estate was probated on 9 April 1884 in AustraliaG.2

Family life


     He married Amelia Carlisle on 28 September 1835 in St John's Church, Sydney, AustraliaG. George was described as a Private, 4th Regiment. Presumably that is why the consent of Lt Colonel Breton is recorded. Amelia is described as Free, aged 21 years. Both signed with a mark (although the witnesses signed their names).3,4,1

Children of George Waples and Amelia Carlisle

Life event details


Census, occupation and residence information

  • He was employed as a Private by the 4th Regiment of Foot on 1 June 1827 in London, EnglandG. He had Regimental number 523.
  • George Waples was employed by the 4th Regiment as Private in September 1835.4
  • George Waples was employed by Westmacott's farm as overseer in Bulli, AustraliaG, in 1837.3
  • George Waples purchased his discharge from the 4th Regiment of Foot for 15 pounds in Sydney, AustraliaG, on 31 July 1837.

Witnessed events

  • He witnessed the baptism of Susannah Waples on 19 August 1855; C of E.5,6
  • He witnessed Amelia Carlisle's death on on 2 June 1876. She was survived by her husband, George, 5 sons and 4 daughters and was predeceased by 5 sons.7,8,9

Remaining events

  • He was discharged from active duty in 1837 in Sydney Barracks, Sydney, AustraliaG. According to an article in the Illawarra Mercury on 28 December 1982, "When the regiment sailed for Madras, India, in 1837, George bought his freedom for £15.".3



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