Thomas Gordon

(circa 1765 - 1851)

Personal details


     Thomas was born circa 1765.1,2 He was the son of Thomas Gordon and Jane (?).2


     His body was interred on 2 April 1851 in Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney, AustraliaG.1,2 He died in April 1851 in Double Bay, AustraliaG. The Burial Certificate describes Thomas' "Quality or Profession" as "Gentleman."1,2

Family life


     He married Alice Smith on 8 May 1790 in St George CE, London, EnglandG.2

Children of Thomas Gordon and Alice Smith

Life event details

Census, occupation and residence information

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • Thomas and William wrote to the Colonial Secretary 3 September 1803 asking permission to emigrate. The letter was signed by "Thos Gordon; Wm Carlisle; J S Freeman".
    Gordon was a 39 year old shoemaker with a wife and 4 children. His referee was Mr Commiford Baker or 15 Grosvenor Square.
    Carlisle was a 38 year old farmer with a wife and 4 children. His referee was Mrs Gibbs or 30 Queen Ann St.
    Freeman was a 24 year old single farmer. His referee was Mrs Morel of 80 Long Acre..9,2
  • William and Thomas wrote to Governor Macquarie 31 January 1810 re a dispute with Archibald Bell. The dispute concerned a convict names William Siggan. The true facts are unclear because some of the details in William Carlisle's letter conflict with a subsequent letter to Governor Macquarie by Archibald Bell (3 February 1810).
    Carlisle claims that he refused to sell part of his farm to Archibald Bell who retaliated by reneging on a lease which Carlisle had on some land owned by Bell. Carlisle claims his lease had 9 months to run when Bell re-leased the land to Siggan. Since Carlisle had a half-grown crop of wheat growing on the land, he claims to have reached an agreement with Siggan. The agreement was that Siggan could reap the wheat when it was ready for harvest and, in return, Siggan would pay Carlisle's existing debt to Joseph Sampson (worth 30 bushells of wheat).
    Carlisle claims that Siggans did reap this crop (which amounted to 50 bushells). Then Siggan died and Archibald Bell sent Siggans wheat to Mr Cox's to be thrashed. Bell then refused to pay more than £1/4/6 towards Carlisle's promissory note to Sampson.
    Carlisle warns the Governor that Bell will claim the wheat as rent owed to him by Siggans. He counters this expected argument by observing that the rent was properly payable to himself as he held a valid lease (witnessed by Mr Fitzgerald) on the land until July 16, 1809 (3 months after Siggans died).
    Macquarie instructed his secretary, John Campbell, to write to Bell "to say that the Governor desires that immediate Justice may be done by himself".
    Bell wrote to the Governor to put his side of the story a few days later. He says that he bought 25 acres from Carlisle for £55 but agreed that Carlisle could retain occupation of "so much of the land as he might wish for that season; the remaining part I let to ... Siggans". He justifies his removal of the wheat as necessary to avoid it being "plundered". He put the proceeds toward the rent and the funeral (£3) and paid the balance (£1/4/6) to Carlisle.
    Bell concludes that he is willing to allow the matter to go to "arbitration of any two respectable persons in the neighbourhood and ... he shall have the liberty of nominating both.".9,10



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