Emma Kemp (nee Elliott), circa 1920

Emma Mary Elliott

(1835 - 1931)

Personal details


     She was usually called Granny Kemp. She was born on 17 October 1835 in London, EnglandG.1,2,3 She was the daughter of George Elliott and Frances Gibson.1,2,4 As of 10 November 1856 her married name was Kemp.5,1


     She died at age 96 on 12 December 1931 in Coonamble District Hospital, Coonamble, AustraliaG. The official cause of death was "broncho-pneumonia" and "senility".1,2 She was buried on 13 December 1931 in CofE Cemetery, Coonamble, AustraliaG.1

Family life


     She married William Isaac Kemp on 10 November 1856 in Montefiore, Wellington, AustraliaG. Both bride and groom signed with a mark. He lived at Duck Creek, Bligh District. She lived at (Heellobe?). Several columns of the MC are left blank, including all details of parents.5,1,2

Children of Emma Mary Elliott and William Isaac Kemp

Life event details


Census, occupation and residence information

  • Circa 1931 Emma Mary Elliott lived in Coonamble, AustraliaG; "Granny, of Coonamble, Is Cheerful Worker At 94 Years
    "COONAMBLE, Monday.- 'Granny' of Coonamble, Mrs Emily Kemp, at the age of 94, is a day-long toiler toiler in her neat home, and a sound critic of passing events.
    "MRS. KEMP has never used spectacles to read or sew.
    "She has 148 descendants, which include 16 children, 40 grandchildren, 87 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.
    "'Granny' is the best-known soul in the place, and always has a cheery word for her innumerable friends."
    NB One of the 5 GG-Grandchildren was Reginald Bruce Fleming, b. 1929.3

Witnessed events

  • She was a witness in 1854 when George Gibson paid 35 pounds towards the cost of the passage for his sister Frances Elliott and her children James, George and Emma. He also paid 20 pounds for the emigrants before embarkation.7
  • She witnessed the birth of Sydney Edward Kemp on 19 October 1869 in Boagar, Merri Merri, AustraliaG.3,1,2



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