Judith Grady

(circa 1815 - 1883)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     Judith was born circa 1815 in IrelandG.1 She was the daughter of Patrick Grady and Margaret Whalan.2,1 As of 22 December 1832 her married name was Casey.3,1


     She died on 1 February 1883 in Machattie's Creek, Bathurst, AustraliaG. The official cause of death was drowning.4,1,5 She was buried on 4 February 1883 in Bathurst, AustraliaG.1 Her estate was probated on 8 August 1883.5

Family life


     She married Thomas Casey on 22 December 1832 in Kelso, Bathurst, AustraliaG. They were married by banns with the consent of Government. Thomas, Judith and witness Patrick Foran all signed with a mark, while Henry H Fleming, the other witness, signed his name.3,1

Children of Judith Grady and Thomas Casey

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