Patrick Hanrahan circa 1855

Patrick (I) Hanrahan

(circa 1784 - 1858)

Detailed biography

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Personal details


     Patrick was born circa 1784 in Loughrea, IrelandG.1,2,3


     He made a will on 19 April 1857.4 He died on 30 November 1858 in Mount Pleasant, AustraliaG. The official cause of death was pulmonary disease. The informant for Patrick's Death Certificate was his step-son, Michael Burke (recorded as Michael Hanrahan).1,4 His body was interred on 3 December 1858 in Old Black Springs Cemetery, Black Springs, AustraliaG.1

Family life


     He married Euphemia Young on 15 April 1816 in Christ Church, Castlereagh. The marriage took place, by law, according to the rites of the Church of England even though both bride and groom were Catholic.5,2 He married Catherine Hogan on 15 January 1851 in Hartley District, AustraliaG.3,6

Children of Patrick (I) Hanrahan and Euphemia Young

Children of Patrick (I) Hanrahan and Catherine Hogan

Life event details

Involvement in crime

  • He was tried for unknown in Loughrea, IrelandG, on 25 March 1801. He was convicted and sentenced to life. He was five feet four and a quarter inches tall, had a dark and ruddy complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes.2


Census, occupation and residence information

  • He was employed as road labourer by William Cox circa 1814 in Blue Mountains, AustraliaG. They were engaged in building the first road over the Blue Mountains.2,6
  • In 1820 Patrick (I) Hanrahan lived in AustraliaG.7
  • Governor Lachlan Macquarie granted land to Patrick (I) Hanrahan on 9 July 1822 in AustraliaG. Patrick had been living on this land for two and a half years. The deed of grant mentions that he "has a wife and 6 children". I can only count five at this point.7,8
  • He requested more land on 7 May 1830 in Ropes Creek, AustraliaG. The letter was written from "Western Road, near Mt Druitt".6
  • He was promised 105 acres of land on 18 October 1831 in Fish River, AustraliaG. This grant was not formalised until 1840.6
  • He was granted 105 acres in 1840 in Fish River, AustraliaG. This land had been "promised" on 18 October 1831.6
  • He leased land on 14 August 1848 in Bathurst, AustraliaG.9
  • On 15 January 1851 Patrick (I) Hanrahan and Catherine Hogan lived in Brisbane Valley, AustraliaG.6
  • He was granted 30 acres at "Hillsbury" on 1 May 1854 in Black Springs, AustraliaG. He paid 30 pounds for this land.6

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • He was promised a land grant of 50 acres by Gov. Lachlan McQuarie in 1815.7,2
  • He was granted a Conditional Pardon on 5 June 1815.2,6
  • He had his prospective 50 acre grant measured by John Watkins in 1818 in AustraliaG.7
  • He and Euphemia Young were separated circa 1822.2
  • Patrick wrote to the Colonial Secretary 1822. This was a covering letter for a Memorial in relation to a promised land grant..10
  • Patrick wrote to Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1822 requesting finalisation of his land grant.7
  • He was summonsed to appear on 5 May 1848 in Bathurst, AustraliaG.9
  • He answered a summons on 22 May 1848 in Bathurst, AustraliaG. The case was dismissed. Peter the Taylor had summonsed Patrick Hanrahan, Michael Booth and John Booth.9
  • He recorded in his diary that he attended races at "P. Grady" on 2 July 1848.9
  • 5 November 1848 Patrick (I) Hanrahan and Peter Behan attended Mass "at Peter's."9



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