Mary Grace Kessey1

(1891 - 1941)

Personal details


     Her married name was Martin.2 She was usually called Grace. Mary was born in 1891.1 She was the daughter of James Kessey and Mary Jane Press.1

Family surname

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     She died on 14 October 1941 in North Bourke Bridge, Bourke, AustraliaG. The official cause of death was drowning.3 She was buried on 16 October 1941 in Bourke Cemetery, Bourke, AustraliaG.3

Family life


     She married Garnet Martin, son of Walter Henry Martin, on 12 November 1913.2

Children of Mary Grace Kessey and Garnet Martin

  • Jack Martin
  • Alice Sydney Martin
  • Garnet Sydney Martin
  • James Ivan Martin
  • Thomas Oswald Martin

Life event details

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • She was known throughout her life as "Grace".



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