William Flowerday1

(1786 - 1865)

Personal details


     On an unknown date his name was recorded as "William Flowerdew" (an unknown value).2,1 He was born say 1786.1 He was baptized on 19 June 1786 in Ingham, EnglandG.3,4,1 He was the son of James Flowerdew and Elizabeth Tooly.3,1


     An unknown person died at age 79 on 26 August 1865 in ScratbyG..5,6,7,1,8,9 He was buried on 31 August 1865 in St Margaret, Ormesby, EnglandG. The Parish Register shows his age as 79 years. He is listed as "of Scratby."1 Probate was granted on his will on 17 February 1866 in Scratby, EnglandG.8

Family life


     He married Elizabeth Woolston, daughter of Benjamin Woolstone and Mary ?, on 20 October 1807 in Ormesby St Margaret, EnglandG. Maria Woolston signed the Parish Register as a witness.5,4,10,1 He married Mary Chadduck on 29 March 1826 in Great Yarmouth, EnglandG. William was a widower and Mary was a widow.3,4,11,12,1 He married Hannah West on 19 February 1832 in St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, EnglandG. He was a widower.2,11,12,1 He and Susanna Daniels (Woolstone) were recorded in the General Register Office as married in September 1851 in MutfordG.3,7,1

Children of William Flowerday and Elizabeth Woolston

Life event details

Census, occupation and residence information

  • 1810 onwards William Flowerday was occupied as a timber dealer.3,1
  • In the 1851 UK census, William Flowerday was enumerated as a W M of age 64 being related to the head of the household as head with the occupation dealer in timber and under the name William Flowerday.13,1
  • In the 1861 UK Census, William Flowerday was enumerated as a 74 M of age M being related to the head of household as a head with the occupation retired timber dealer.4,1
  • In August 1865 William Flowerday and Susanna Daniels (Woolstone) lived in Scratby, EnglandG.8

Witnessed events

Remaining events

  • He Person Source.15,2,1



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