Charles Molston Gordon1

(1791 - 1862)

Personal details


     Charles was born on 27 February 1791 in St George, Hanover Square, London, EnglandG.2 He was the son of Thomas Gordon and Alice Smith.1,2 He was baptized on 27 March 1791 in St George CE, London, EnglandG.2


     He was buried in April 1862 in Devonshire Street Cemetery, Sydney, AustraliaG.2 He died at age 71 on 17 April 1862 in Double Bay, AustraliaG.2

Family life


     He married Maria Lees on 11 November 1816 in AustraliaG.3,2 He married Mary Jane Brown, daughter of William Brown and Mary Dew, on 23 April 1821 in St Peters CE, Richmond, AustraliaG.2

Child of Charles Molston Gordon and Maria Lees

Child of Charles Molston Gordon and Mary Jane Brown

Life event details

Census, occupation and residence information

  • He was employed as an agriculturist by the Church Missionary Society on 1 January 1817. "At the time, Marsden wrote to the secretary of the Church Missionary Society:-
    'We have engaged a very respectable young man, Charles Gordon, for the term of 3 years from the first of last January at 60 pounds per annum as Superintendent of agriculture. His father came out as a free settler.'"
    NB Charles and family did not travel to Kerikeri until April 1817.3
  • On 9 January 1819 Charles Molston Gordon lived with William Carlisle in Bay of Islands, New ZealandG.4
  • Circa 1820 Charles Molston Gordon was occupied as a miller while living at Paddington, AustraliaG.2
  • He was employed with William Carlisle on 10 February 1820 in Rangi Hoa, New ZealandG.5
  • Circa 1822 Charles Molston Gordon was occupied as a corn and wheat miller while living at Sydney, AustraliaG.2
  • Circa 1828 Charles Molston Gordon was occupied as a schoolteacher while living at Richmond, AustraliaG.2
  • In 1828 Charles Molston Gordon and Thomas Gordon lived in Double Bay, AustraliaG.1
  • He was land contract circa 1829 in two acres, Paddington, AustraliaG; One acre of this land was acquired for the purpose of building a wind powered mill for wheat and corn. The other acre was for a dwelling.2
  • Circa 1836 Charles Molston Gordon lived in South Street, Double Bay, AustraliaG.2
  • He purchasedland from an unknown person on 8 February 1836 in Half an acre, Double Bay, AustraliaG.2

Witnessed events

  • He witnessed the immigration of William Carlisle on 24 June 1804 in Sydney, AustraliaG; 'Experiment.6,7,1,8,2,9'
  • Amelia, William, Charles, Maria, Elizabeth, James and John traveled to on 9 November 1819. "Writing privately to Josiah Pratt after his return to the colony, Marsden had the 'painful duty' of reporting, with a mixture of biblical metaphors, that he had found the settlers like so many sheep without a shepherd, each seeking his own advantage, so that the Enemy had made dreadful work amongst them, sowing tares in the wheat and stirring them up to mutual accusation. All had neglected their proper tasks, competing in private trade as a means of procuring food and gaining influence over the Maoris. ... William Carlisle and James Gordon felt humiliated at being seen by the Maoris as common labourers. Carlisle resigned, unable to cope with a timorous and clinging wife, Gordon was dismissed, and both men were shipped out with their families in the Active when Marsden left on 9 November. As a measure of the harshness he was capable of showing to his fellow man, Marsden let it be known in the colony when Gordon's wife died that it was a judgement of God upon his sins".10,9

Remaining events



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