John McIntyre

Personal details


     He died.

Family life

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Involvement in crime

  • John held up the Nevell property 1844. "In 1844 ... the bushrangers ordered them all to go into the next room. ... Among those locked in this room was Mr Carlisle, the tutor; this gentleman had his meals with the family, but slept in a room adjoining the school-house. He was a noted sportsman and shot. In his room were two fine guns, and he intended getting these and in turn holding the marauders up; but, as he was getting out through the window of the room, he was seen by a bushranger, and was beaten back with the stock of a blunderbuss.".1



  1. [S55] Mrs Bertha Phelps, "Bushrangers at Carwell and Other Places" in An Australian Tells England.