Sarah Hasleton1,2

(say 1718 - 1797)

Personal details


     She was born between 1715 and 1720. Calculated from age at death.1,2 She was born say 1718. Estimated from age at baptism.2 She was born in 1718.3,2 She was the daughter of John Hasleton and Esther Brierton.3,2 She was baptized on 25 November 1720.3,2 As of 1751 her married name was Flowerdew (Hasleton).1,2 As of 20 August 1751 her married name was Flowerdy (Hasleton).4,2 She was baptized on 14 April 1797 in Ingham, EnglandG; age 79, wife of William, Nee Hasleton.5,2


     She died in 1797 in Ingham, EnglandG. She was aged 79.1,2

Family life


     She married William Flowerdew, son of William Flowerdew and Elizabeth ?, on 20 August 1751 in Lessingham, EnglandG. The Parish Register recorded that Sarah was "of North Walsham".1,3,6,4,2

Children of Sarah Hasleton and William Flowerdew

Life event details



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