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James Flowerdew

d. 1836

Family surname

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James Flowerdew was baptized in 1749 in Repps, Norfolk, England.1,2


FatherWilliam Flowerdew (d. after 20 January 1798)
MotherSarah Hasleton (b. say 1718, d. 1797)

Family life

James Flowerdew and Elizabeth Tooly were married in 1785 in Irstead.1,2

Children with Elizabeth Tooly (b. between 1755 and 1765, d. 1834)

DaughterHannah Flowerdew
SonJames Flowerdew
SonCharles Flowerdew
SonWilliam Flowerday+ (b. say 1786)
DaughterSarah Flowerdew (b. 14 August 1788)
DaughterHannah Flowerdew (b. say 1797, d. before 1800)
DaughterHannah Flowerdew (b. say 1800)
SonJames Flowerdew (b. between 1803 and 1804)
DaughterElizabeth Flowerdew (b. 11 March 1804)
DaughterElizabeth Flowerdew (b. between 1807 and 1808)
DaughterElizabeth Flowerdew (b. 11 November 1807)
SonJames Flowerdew (b. 31 July 1810)

Working life

  • In 1835 James Flowerdew was a publican.3,2


Died in 1836 in Repps, Norfolk, England.1,2 At, James Flowerdew was buried on 3 March 1836 in Repps, Norfolk, England. age 863,4,2


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