The study of family history is about remembering our ancestors, learning from their lives and, where appropriate, honouring them. For centuries descendants have created funerary memorials to commemorate their forebears, including headstones, church monuments, cenotaphs and even extending to mausoleums, pyramids and much more. In recent decades our society has created additional means of commemoration, including funeral cards, obituaries and death notices. This website is, in a way, just another innovation in this regard. This memorial page is designed to present any known memorials for each ancestor in one place. It provides links to pages devoted to each of our deceased ancestors and to other pages that relate to specific cemeteries in which several ancestors are buried.

Jolliffe   Another  Memorial window for her parents James and Amy Jolliffe 
Memorial windows in All Saints Anglican church at Canowindra that were commissioned by my grandmother, Stella Pelissot.

Key cemeteries

Centuries ago most people tended to live their whole lives in a relatively small area. This meant that the graves of several generations of a family could often be found in a single burial ground. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, however, people have been much more mobile than in previous centuries. They moved from farms to villages; from villages and small towns to large towns and cities; and many migrated to other parts of the world. So, it is now more usual for the final resting places of different generations to be widely dispersed. That makes it more difficult for descendants to find ancestors' memorials. This page is designed to bring together information about our ancestor's final resting places and their memorials. Nevertheless, there are a few cemeteries in NSW that each contain memorials to several ancestors, as outlined below.

8 ancestors
numerous relatives
6 ancestors
several relatives
White Springs
5 ancestors
40 close relatives
5 ancestors
27 close relatives
Jumpers Flat
4 ancestors
several relatives
Old Balmain
4 ancestors
some relatives
4 ancestors
several relatives

Individual ancestor memorials

Memorial pages for each individual ancestor can be accessed from the links below. Where a husband and wife are buried together, they share a memorial page. These links are presented by generation. To access links to the pages of all the members of a specific family, choose the "Forbears" menu item at the top of the page and then click on the name of the particular family. Then scroll down to the memorial heading on that page.

Parent's memorial

Reginald Bruce Fleming 1929-2016 and Halvene Therese Kessey 1934-2005 

Grandparent memorials

Reginald Angus Fleming 1908-1984              Stella Jolliffe 1910-2007 
Halvar Roy Kessey 1905-1981                      Ena Ruby Murphy 1908-1995

G-Grandparent memorials

Charles Taylor Fleming 1878-1937 and Ada Grace Flowerdew 1881-1952 
James Jolliffe 1883-1969 and Amy Laura Emily Gardner 1892-1952
James Kessey 1858-1944                                Mary Jane Press 1867-1951 
George Charles Reed Murphy 1880-1949         Ellen Ruby Bowen 1882-1912

GG-Grandparent memorials

Charles Fleming 1854-1928 and Margaret Scott Ballantyne 1855-1930 
John James Flowerdew 1846-1910 and Grace House 1845-1900 
James Jolliffe 1849-1936 and Susannah Waples 1855-1927
Attwood Charles Gardner 1862-1937 and Frances Kemp 1859-1943
John Kessey 1836-1902 and Mary Ann Hanrahan 1828-1907
David Press 1837-1918 and Susannah Baker 1837-1918
James Murphy 1843-1914                       Prudence Reed 1846-1940 
John Henry Bowen 1853-1902                 Alice Clarkson Poulton 1860-1927

GGG-Grandparent memorials

John House 1807-1875 and Mary Hooper 1808-1875
Thomas Jolliffe 1810-1867                      Elizabeth Curry Shepherd
George Waples 1807-1884 and Amelia Carlisle 1813-1876
George Gardner 1813-1890                    Mary Grime 1829-1911
William Isaac Kemp 1826-1897               Emma Mary Elliott 1837-1931
Thomas Kessey 1794-1882 and Judith Grady 1815-1883
Patrick Hanrahan 1784-1858 and Catherine Hogan 1807-1865
Daniel Press 1790-1868 and Ethelinda Staid 1809-1880
William Baker 1815-1882 and Eliza Connors 1808-1876
John Murphy 1819-1894 and Mary Shea 1821-1904
James Reed 1808-1898 and Frances Heazle 1812-1895
Martin Bohen 1819-1891                        Elizabeth Seage 1834-1910
John Poulton 1830-1887                        Elizabeth Clarkson 1834-?

Other significant ancestor memorials

James Grime 1796-1869                        Catherine Long 1801-1871
Isaac Kemp 1796-1857 and Mary Mowgee
Denis Shea 1797-1858 and Mary Horgan 1795-1855
Patrick Grady 1788-1866 and Margaret Whalan 1785-1857
Philip Hogan 1766-1829                         Mary Hogan 1777-1859
Frances Elliott 1806-1870
William Carlisle 1782-1852                     Mary Ann Gordon 1792-1813
Thomas Gordon 1765-1851                    Alice Smith 1770-1806
Mary Lahy 1793-1884

This memorial to John Murphy and Mary Shea is one of the most impressive in Bathurst cemetery