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Author, Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming has been writing about his family history since 1983 when he began researching it. He has published catalogues of Fleming and Kessey family photographs and a facsimile copy of the 1883 emigration diary of his great-great grandfather as well as several journal articles. His book "James and Frances" (about the Reed family of Bourke) will be published in 2023 and he is well advanced with plans for the next book, "The Entwistle Convicts" (about the Entwistle family that had sixteen members sentenced to convict transportation).

He has also published many family biographies, short stories and detailed research reports on this website. As a researcher, he has successfully overcome several difficult genealogical roadblocks (Baker, Poulton, Fleming, Lahy, Ballantyne, Waples, Tobin) and has debunked a few furphies (Murphy, Carlisle, Kessey) about his family tree.

Jim was born and raised in Bourke (NSW), as were his mother, grandmother and great-grandfather. The earlier generations of his family in Australia had coalesced around Bathurst, Mudgee and Coonamble after originating in England, Ireland and Scotland. He is also pleased to boast some Aboriginal ancestry through his 3G-grandfather William Kemp whose mother was "Mary" of the Mowgee clan of the Wiradjuri nation. He obtained a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Sydney before enjoying a 33-year career with the Australian Customs Service, culminating in several years as a Customs Director. In retirement he lives on Sydney’s lower north shore where (apart from genealogy) he enjoys travelling and sings baritone in two choirs. He is a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, the Bathurst Family History Group, the Entwistle Family History Association and the Turton Local History Society.

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