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These blogs are designed to spread the word about the outcomes from my family history research. Each one is a short account of recent activity and discoveries, often with a link to a more detailed article on the matter. The blog also provides an opportunity to share interesting work published by other people, including the availability of new resources. So, watch this space for regular updates about my ongoing research, new stories, new research reports and other useful genealogical information.

10/7/2023 - Discovered! Mary Lahy's fate - About Mary Scott nee Lahy
19/10/2022 - Frances Reed, pioneer of Bourke - About Frances Reed nee Heazle
28/7/2022 - New research has solved the mystery of William Baker's arrival in Australia

10/7/2022 - Trooper Alfred Ernest Whye was one of the first Aboriginal Australian; and a nephew of Prudence Reed
8/7/2022 - James Murphy's Demise – Proof that he did not die in 1914 and is not buried in Bourke
18/6/2022 - Convicts – About our 14 convict ancestors and their 15 convict relatives

23/09/2021 - Where the Coolabahs Grow - About my GG-grandfather, William Isaac Kemp
22/09/2021 - Wrangear found! - Solves the mystery of the elusive "Wrangear", where Frances Kemp was born in 1859
24/08/2021 - Our Carlisle Origins – Debunks the old theory of William Carlisle's origins.

6/10/2020 - Showdown at the Blue Bell Inn – About the elusive Elizabeth Clarkson.

23/06/2020 - Descent article - Debunks the old theory of Thomas Kessey's origins.

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