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Thomas Cassey

b. 23 March 1794, d. 22 July 1882

Detailed biography

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Family Surname

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Thomas Cassey was born on 23 March 1794 in Edmonton.1,2,3


FatherMichael Cassey (b. about 1771)
MotherMary (b. about 1771)

Family life

Thomas Cassey and Judith Grady were married on 22 December 1832 at Kelso in Bathurst. ||They were married by banns with the consent of Government. Thomas, Judith and witness Patrick Foran all signed with a mark, while Henry H Fleming, the other witness, signed his name4,5,6

Children with Judith Grady (b. 1815, d. 1 February 1883)

SonThomas Kessey+ (b. 1833, d. 11 June 1903)
SonJohn Kessey+ (b. 1836, d. 18 March 1902)
SonJames Kessey+ (b. 30 May 1840, d. 31 July 1927)
DaughterAnn Kessey+ (b. 1841)
DaughterMary-Ann Kessey+ (b. 29 August 1842, d. 1897)
DaughterMargaret Kessey+ (b. 9 October 1845, d. 14 July 1923)
DaughterJulia Kessey+ (b. 1847, d. 30 November 1901)
DaughterElizabeth Kessey (b. 21 March 1849, d. 22 November 1932)
DaughterEllen Kessey (b. 1851, d. 1852)
SonWilliam Stanley Kessey+ (b. 8 February 1853, d. 20 December 1928)
DaughterMartha ("Dolly") Kessey+ (b. 1855)
DaughterJane Kessey+ (b. 1859, d. 26 January 1942)


Thomas Cassey immigrated about 1818 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. SS General Stewart1 He emigrated on 19 July 1818. He was transported as a convict aboard the "General Stuart".6

Working life

  • In 1820 Thomas Cassey was a keeper of stores in Sydney. He later became "overseer of town carts".6
  • In 1826 Thomas Cassey was a carrier. He was in business with William Boyles transporting goods between Sydney and Bathurst.6
  • In 1860 Thomas Cassey was working as a self-employed teamster in Bathurst. He employed his son John to drive one of his teams.7

Involvement in crime

Thomas Cassey was arrested for stealing two sheep on 2 January 1818 in Edmonton.6 He was convicted of stealing two sheep at Edmonton on 14 January 1818 in London. He was sentenced to death.6 He was granted an absolute pardon on 28 November 1821.6 He was a witness that James Kessey was arrested for possession of the poncho that had previously been stolen from Mr McKinnon on 12 July 1864. The poncho was found between his bed and the mattress in the house of his father.8 Thomas Cassey was listed as a suspect in the stealing of 4 bullocks the property of William Burnett on 2 July 1865 in Warren. He and his co-accused (Michael Foreham), both teamsters, were supposed to have stolen the bullocks as they passed Warren en route for Bourke. Foreham was described as aged 26 while "Casey" was described as "65 years of age, 5 feet 2 inches high, dark complexion, grey hair and whiskers". Despite the police suspicions, no warrant had been issued.9


Thomas Cassey signed a will on 22 April 1880 at Hope Hill in Bathurst, NSW.10 He died on 22 July 1882 at age 88 in Mount Tamar. hemiplegia and senile debility1,10 He was buried on 23 July 1882 in Bathurst.1 He had his estate probated on 6 September 1882 at Hope Hill in Bathurst. probate was granted in respect of "goods sworn under 320 pounds".10


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