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James Kessey

b. 30 May 1840, d. 31 July 1927
James Kessey (1840-1927)

Family Surname

For more information about the Kessey surname click here.


James Kessey was born on 30 May 1840 at Native Dog Creek in Australia.1,2,3


FatherThomas Cassey (b. 23 March 1794, d. 22 July 1882)
MotherJudith Grady (b. 1815, d. 1 February 1883)

Family life

James Kessey and Mary Jane Pendergrass were married on 27 June 1873 in Bathurst.4,3,5

Children with Mary Jane Pendergrass (b. 1853, d. 18 July 1923)

SonHarold Australia Kessey (b. 1873, d. 30 November 1880)
DaughterBeatrice Burdett Kessey (b. 30 June 1874, d. 3 September 1941)
SonArthur Kessey (b. 1876, d. 1877)
DaughterEdith Blanch Kessey+ (b. 1877)
SonLeslie T B Kessey (b. 1880, d. 1880)
SonSydney Stanislaus Kessey (b. 1881, d. 13 January 1952)
SonVincent Alphonso Kessey (b. 1884, d. 1886)
DaughterIvy Constance Kessey (b. February 1886, d. 19 May 1886)
DaughterAmelda Kessey (b. 1888)
SonErnest Gladstone Kessey+ (b. 1889, d. 25 June 1966)
DaughterMary G Kessey (b. 1891)
DaughterMabel Alice Kessey+ (b. 1892, d. 5 August 1964)
DaughterZita M ("Bonnie") Kessey (b. 1894)
DaughterOlive Kessey (b. 1896)

Working life

  • On 15 March 1924 James Kessey was a volunteer with the St Patrick's day Sports Day in Bathurst. He had been associated with celebrations of Ireland's national day all his life, occupying such positions as secretary, handicapper or starter.3

Residence information

James Kessey lived at Sparke Street in West Maitland, NSW, in 1881.6 He lived at 27 Station Street in Newtown, NSW, Australia, in 1924, according to Sands' Directory.7 He lived at 16 Russell Street in Bathurst, NSW, on 14 February 1924.3

Involvement in crime

James Kessey was. He was. He was was charged with stealing a horse the property of Mr Thomas Miller of the Vale on 19 August 1858 in Bathurst. He was remanded for seven days pending further evidence. However, he was still in gaol two weeks later.8 He was was admitted to bail on 2 September 1858 in Bathurst. He put up 20 pounds himself and a surety put up a further 10 pounds.9 He was involved in an armed robbery of Hugh McKinnon on 20 June 1864 in Bathurst. His robber colleagues were never brought to justice. There is a strong possibility that his brother Thomas may have been one of them. McKinnon was robbed of a horse, saddle, bridle, poncho, socks and 7/6/- in silver.10 He was arrested for possession of the poncho that had previously been stolen from Mr McKinnon on 12 July 1864. The poncho was found between his bed and the mattress in the house of his father.10 He was admitted to Bathurst Gaol on 12 July 1864 in Bathurst.11 He was charged in Bathurst Circuit Court with robbery, being armed on 10 October 1864 in Bathurst.12 He was indicted for having (on 18 June last), while under arms, waylaid, stopped, and robbed the Orange and Bathurst mail coaches on 17 October 1864 in Bathurst. Thomas Kessey, Frederick Peisley and Shadrach Grose were charged with robbing the Bathurst - Orange mail coaches in June 1864. Despite the fact that all three were identified by George Milne, Peisley and Grose were acquitted while Thomas Kessey was found guilty. He was sentenced to ten years hard labour on the roads. At the same session of the Circuit Court, James Kessey was charged with robbery under arms (in company with others) of Hugh McKinnon. He was found guilty and sentenced to ten years hard labour on the roads.10,13,14 He was admitted to Darlinghurst Gaol on 17 October 1864 in Darlinghurst.15 He and James Kessey were discharged from Bathurst Gaol on escort to Darlinghurst Gaol on 20 October 1864 in Bathurst, NSW.11 He was transferred as a prisoner to Cockatoo Island on 6 November 1864 in Darlinghurst.15


James Kessey died on 31 July 1927 at age 87.1,16,2


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