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William Carlisle

b. about 1782, d. 27 July 1852

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William Carlisle's signature, 1821

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Family surname

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Was born about 1782.1,2,3 William Carlisle was birth2 about 1784 in England.4,3


FatherWilliam Carlisle (b. about 1765)

Family life

William Carlisle and Mary Ann Gordon were married on 11 September 1811 at St Matthew's Church in Windsor. C of E5,6,7,4 He and Elizabeth Blackman were married about 1816.4

Child with Mary Ann Gordon (b. 24 November 1792, d. February 1813)

DaughterAmelia Carlisle+ (b. 29 January 1813, d. 2 June 1876)

Children with Elizabeth Blackman (b. about 1791, d. 18 March 1849)

SonJames Carlisle (b. 6 October 1817, d. about 1863)
SonJohn Carlisle (b. 16 May 1819, d. 1891)
DaughterHenrietta Carlisle (b. about 1 October 1821, d. about 1856)

Residence information

William Carlisle immigrated on 24 June 1804 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. 'Experiment'8,9,6,7,10,4 Traveled in Rangihoa, New Zealand, about February 1816. From Sydney4 Traveled to about December 1816. from Bay of Islands on SS "Active"2,11,4 Charles, Maria, Elizabeth, and Amelia traveled on 12 April 1817. Aboard SS "Active". "(William Carlisle brought) his brother-in-law, Charles Gordon, employed as an agriculturist, accompanied by wives and families, back in April 1817." (D A Rae)
"The ranks of the women in New Zealand were swelling. Mr and Mrs Carlisle and Mr and Mrs Gordon came in 1817; the Butlers, the Kemps and the Puckeys arrived in 1819; the Shepherds in 1820; the Leighs in 1822; in 1823 Mr and Mrs Henry ..." (Simpson)2,12,13,10,4,14 William Carlisle lived in Rangihoa, New Zealand, on 9 January 1819.15 Charles, Maria, Elizabeth, James, and John traveled to on 9 November 1819. from Bay of Islands on SS "Active"16,4 William Carlisle travelled about 1822 in Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand. from Sydney4 He travelled about 1822 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. from Bay of Islands4

Involvement in crime

, then aged, was a witness when John McIntyre in 1844. "In 1844 ... the bushrangers ordered them all to go into the next room. ... Among those locked in this room was Mr Carlisle, the tutor; this gentleman had his meals with the family, but slept in a room adjoining the school-house. He was a noted sportsman and shot. In his room were two fine guns, and he intended getting these and in turn holding the marauders up; but, as he was getting out through the window of the room, he was seen by a bushranger, and was beaten back with the stock of a blunderbuss."17

Working life

  • In 1816 William Carlisle was an employed as an Assistant School Master. Assistant School Master2,12,4
  • On 5 November 1816 William Carlisle was a schoolmaster and settler employed by the Church Missionary Society in Rangi Hoa.18
  • Was sacked by as in Rangi Hoa, New Zealand, on 10 February 1820.19
  • In 1828 William Carlisle was a painter.4
  • On 28 February 1832 William Carlisle owned a in Sydney, NSW, Australia.20
  • In 1844 William Carlisle was a tutor. "Among those locked in this room (by bushrangers) was Mr Carlisle, the tutor."17
  • About 1845 William Carlisle was at Carwell in Rylstone.4


William Carlisle died on 27 July 1852 in Rylstone.1,4 He was buried about 28 July 1852 at the Old Carwell Cemetery in Rylstone.1,4


There is a memorial to William Carlisle at Carwell Creek Private Cemetery in Rylstone, New South Wales, Australian Colonies. Follow this link for information and images of his memorial.


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