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Sergeant Benjamin Heazle

b. circa 1792, d. 28 December 1850

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Sergeant Benjamin Heazle was born circa 1792 at Kilbrogan in Bandon.1,2

Family life

Sergeant Benjamin Heazle and Elizabeth Wilson were married circa 1811. I could not find a record of the marriage, but there is no reason to doubt the information from Frances Reed's death certificate.3

Children with Elizabeth Wilson

DaughterFrances Heazle+ (b. 1812, d. 5 April 1895)
SonBenjamin Heazle, Junior (b. 24 June 1820, d. 26 October 1875)
SonJames Heazle (b. 24 September 1822, d. 20 June 1824)

Working life

  • On 26 December 1809 Sergeant Benjamin Heazle was a weaver in Bandon.1,2
  • He signed on for military service for a limited period on 27 December 1809 in Bandon, Cork, Ireland. He joined the 55th Regiment of Foot.1,2
  • He was promoted to Sergeant on 25 January 1811.2
  • He on the Continent in 1813 in Europe.2
  • He was present at the affair on 13 January 1814 at Merxham in Anrwerp, Belgium.2
  • He was present during the seige from 14 January 1814 to 4 May 1814 in Antwerp, Belgium.2
  • He was present during the storming on 8 March 1814 in Bergen op Zoom, Belgium.2
  • He returned to England in June 1814 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom.4
  • He was on furlough for two months starting on 5 January 1815 in Chelmsford.5
  • He was stationed on 24 March 1815 in Chelmsford.5
  • He was stationed with the 55th Regiment in April 1815 at Tower of London in London, England, United Kingdom.4
  • He was stationed on 24 June 1815 in Brighton.5
  • He was stationed on 14 August 1815 in Brighton. For Muster 2 (presumably in August 1815) he was "on Command in London".5
  • He was stationed on 24 December 1815 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. For the first muster he was "on command". This probably explains why he was not on the Pay List of the 55th until 25 October. This may have been a continuation of his London posting mentioned in the previous Quarter.5
  • He was stationed on 24 February 1816 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. For the third muster he was "Recruiting", presumably from 25 February (after which he was not paid by the 55th Regiment). He did not return to the 55th's Pay List until 25 May.5
  • He was stationed on 24 June 1816 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. He was marked as "Recruiting" for the first muster. It seems that he was posted to recruiting for about 3 months altogether, from 25 February until 14 May.5
  • He was stationed on 22 September 1816 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. For the third muster he was marked as "Command Chelsea".5
  • He was stationed on 24 December 1816 in Guernsey. For muster 2 he was marked as "on duty at Chelsea".5
  • He was given a limited discharge from the 55th Regiment on 24 October 1817 in Chatham, Kent. The 55th Regiment was about to be sent to Lewes, Sussex.2,4
  • He re-enlisted as a Sergeant in the 80th Regiment on 28 October 1817 in Chatham, Kent.2
  • He marched for Canterbury on 8 January 1818 in Chatham, Kent.6
  • He marched for Sheerness on 2 February 1818 in Canterbury, England.6
  • He marched for Colchester on 19 April 1818 in Sheerness, England, United Kingdom.6
  • He marched to Hull on 11 September 1818 in Colchester.6
  • He marched for Glasgow on 14 July 1819 in Hull.6
  • He arrived on 14 August 1819 at Fort George in Dunbarton.6
  • He marched for Aberdeen via Sterling on 29 September 1819 at Fort George in Dunbarton.6
  • He arrived on 14 October 1819 in Aberdeen, Scotland.6
  • He left for Brechin on 11 March 1820 in Aberdeen, Scotland.6
  • He arrived on 25 May 1820 at Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.6
  • He marched for Berwick on Tweed on 4 September 1820 at Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.6
  • He marched for Macclesfield on 7 September 1820 in Berwick on Tweed.6
  • He arrived on 22 September 1820 in Macclesfield, England.6
  • He left for Liverpool on 14 October 1820 in Macclesfield.6
  • He embarked for Dublin on 24 October 1820 in Liverpool, England.6
  • He arrived on 31 October 1820 in Dublin, Ireland.6
  • He marched for Fermoy on 4 November 1820 in Dublin, Ireland.6
  • He arrived on 14 November 1820 in Fermoy, Ireland.6
  • He left for Cork in December 1820 in Fermoy, Ireland.6
  • He landed on 15 January 1821 in Gibraltar.6
  • He left for Malta on 4 September 1821 in Gibraltar.6
  • He landed on 14 September 1821 in Malta. "Inspector of Hospitals John Hennen reported that the 80th Regiment was of the ordinary class of materials and least effective corps in the garrison from the prevalence of fever amongst them. This statement was disputed by the adjutant Captain William Henry Penny 80th Regiment who had served in Malta from 1821 to 1 January 1828. Captain W. H. Penny stated that the 80th Regiment was sickly during the first excessively hot summer, when the men were in hospital on average three times more than usual. However, once the men became accustomed to the heat, it was the 95th Regiment that was sickly on its arrival in 1824, and unable to perform guard duty, which consequently had to be carried out by soldiers of his regiment."6,7
  • He was discharged from the 80th Regiment on 23 January 1832 at Salford Barracks in Salford, Lancashire.2
  • He was granted a long service pension of 1/8 per day on 8 February 1832 in Salford, Lancashire. He indicated an intention to reside at Clonmel, Ireland.2
  • On 11 November 1848 Sergeant Benjamin Heazle was a lock-keeper at Boathouse in Ballynadeige. He had a rent-free house and garden on lease from the Duke of Devonshire.8


Sergeant Benjamin Heazle died on 28 December 1850.2


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