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Patrick Lahy

b. February 1788, d. 4 March 1861


Patrick Lahy was born in February 1788 at Tulla in Thomastown. His arrival indents imply a birth date of 1793.1,2,3,4,5 He was baptized on 15 February 1788 at St John's in Kilkenny, Ireland.4,5


FatherMartin Lahy (b. circa 1760)
MotherBridget Kain (b. circa 1761)

Family life

Patrick Lahy and Mary Keating were married on 17 February 1814 in Gowran.4

Children with Mary Keating (b. circa 1789)

DaughterBidy Lahy (b. September 1815)
SonMartin Lahy (b. April 1819)
DaughterAnne Lahy (b. February 1822)
SonMichael Lahy (b. August 1824)
SonJohn Lahy (b. August 1827)


Patrick Lahy emigrated on 20 September 1828 from Cork, Ireland. The departure indent gives his crime as highway robbery. However all other records agree on stealing butter.2,6,3 He immigrated on 17 January 1829 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. He was described as being 35 years old, 5 feet 5.5 inches tall with brown hair, hazel eyes and a ruddy complexion. He had three moles on his left cheek, opposite his mouth.1,2,7

Working life

  • On 1 March 1828 Patrick Lahy was a ploughman who reaps in Kilkenny.2
  • In 1830 Patrick Lahy was a government servant (convict) assigned to James Thorpe in Sydney.8
  • In 1837 Patrick Lahy was a government servant (convict) in Sydney.9

Residence information

Patrick Lahy lived in Camden, NSW, Australia, in 1843, as landholder of 24 acres. He had maid 36 pounds for the land.10 He lived in Windsor, NSW, Australia, on 4 July 1845, having been granted approval to move from Liverpool.7

Involvement in crime

Patrick Lahy was tried for stealing butter on 27 March 1828 in Kilkenny. He was convicted and sentenced to transportation for life. He had two former convictions and a family of 5.1,2,7,3 He was granted a ticket of leave on 20 November 1838 in Liverpool, NSW.7 He was recommended for a conditional pardon in 1843 in Liverpool, NSW.11 He was granted a conditional pardon on 30 January 1847 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.7,3,12


Patrick Lahy died from injuries recieved when run over by his cart on 4 March 1861 at age 73 at Infirmary in Sydney.13


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