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A history of the Fleming, Jolliffe, Kessey and Murphy families of New South Wales - and their forebears

16/06/2020 - 200th ancestor identified

Language TreeDuring the COVID19 lockdown I have completed three hefty research projects. This had allowed me to identify a significant number of ancestors who were previously unknown. I have now passed the 200 mark of identified ancestors!

The 200th is Thomas Clarkson, my 5G grandfather. He was born about 1786 in Lancashire. When he married Ann Leeming on 10 February 1806 at Broughton (Lancashire) he was occupied as a husbandman at nearby Haighton. He and Ann had 2 children baptised in Ann's home village of Chipping in 1806 and 1808, with a further 6 children baptised in the Catholic chapel at Fernyhalgh between 1809 and 1816. The first of these was my 4G grandfather, Robert Clarkson.

Thomas's wife Ann had been baptised at Chipping on 1 May 1782. Her parents John Leeming and Isabel Dewhust had married there on 28 May the previous year. John Leeming was buried at Chipping on 19 May 1808, aged 53. Ann Leeming and her parents bring my tally of identified ancestors up to 203.

The chart at right lists the various ancestral surnames by generation, starting with my four grandparents at the top (orange); then the additional names of my four great-grandmothers (yellow); then my eight GG-grandmothers (green); and so on. That is a total of 82 surnames so far.

I will soon add a detailed research report on my Clarkson/Poulton line. In the meantime, here are links to the pages of Thomas Clarkson, Ann Leeming, John Leeming and Isabel Dewhurst.