Biography: Andrew Ballantyne (1760-) - Maternal side

Andrew Ballantyne

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The earliest record of Andrew Ballantyne is his marriage to Isabella Young at East Kilbride on 29 June 1783. It is likely that he had been born locally in about 1760. He named his eldest son James which implies that his father's name may have been James.

Andrew and Isabella had four children baptised at nearby Glassford between 1786 and 1795: Betty 1786, James 1787, William 1789 and Isabella 1795. A further three children were baptised in the same parish with Andrew named as father but no reference to Isabella: George 1791, Andrew 1792 and Margaret 1794. It is likely that these were also children of the marriage.

The descent through their son Andrew continues to the 21st century through a string of eight Andrew Ballantynes.