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A history of the Fleming, Jolliffe, Kessey and Murphy families of New South Wales - and their forebears
This website provides information about the history of the Fleming, Jolliffe, Kessey and Murphy families of New South Wales; and their forebears.

The family forebears include the following families: Bowen, Flowerdew, Gardner, Gordon, Grady, Hanrahan, Jolliffe, Kemp, Kessey, Murphy, Poulton and Press. And, of course, their forebears with other family names too numerous to list. (Note that the details of living people are not included on this website.)

You can access a range of information about these families by using the drop-down menus at the top of the pages. Some of the key sections of the website are:

  • Forebears – pages for each of the key surnames in my ancestry
  • Blog – short articles about recent developments in our family history
  • Books – published about this family
  • Stories – about aspects of the history of my ancestral families
  • Research – reports that detail my research methodology in discovering particular aspects in the family's history
  • Convicts – Provides information about my 15 convict ancestors and 5 other convict relatives
  • Anniversaries – a monthly calendar that lists historical family anniversaries
  • Sources – a list of source documents; some include a thumbnail document image that you can click to bring up a full-sized image
  • Index – an index of surnames in the database
  • Search – search this website's database using criteria that you specify
  • Contact me – click here for details about how to contact me by email

Latest blog posts

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Forebears chart

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