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Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott

b. 17 October 1837, d. 12 December 1931

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Emma Kemp (nee Elliott), circa 1920


Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott was born on 17 October 1837 in London.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Was baptized on 5 April 1855 in London, England, United Kingdom.4


FatherGeorge Elliott (b. about 1802, d. 25 October 1838)
MotherFrances ("Granny Elliott") Gibson (b. about 1806, d. 12 January 1870)

Family life

William Isaac Kemp and Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott were married on 10 November 1856 at Montefiore in Wellington. Both bride and groom signed with a mark. He lived at Duck Creek, Bligh District. She lived at (the Mole). Several columns of the MC are left blank, including all details of parents.8,1,2,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,6,17

Children with William Isaac Kemp (b. about 1826, d. 29 April 1897)

SonWilliam Kemp (b. about 1857, d. 6 February 1932)
DaughterFrances ("Granny Gardner") Kemp+ (b. 7 July 1859, d. 10 May 1943)
DaughterEmily Kemp+ (b. 21 April 1861, d. 29 August 1945)
DaughterElizabeth Kemp (b. 21 April 1861, d. 30 October 1877)
SonGeorge Kemp (b. about 1863, d. 23 December 1937)
DaughterLucy Kemp (b. 11 April 1864, d. before 12 December 1931)
SonAlfred Frederick Kemp (b. about 1865, d. 12 August 1949)
SonHenry Isaac Kemp (b. 27 January 1867, d. 25 July 1930)
SonJames Kemp (b. 19 March 1868, d. 1940)
SonSydney Edward Kemp (b. 19 October 1869, d. 27 July 1954)
DaughterAda Louise Kemp (b. 2 March 1872, d. 9 November 1902)
SonHerbert Ernest Kemp (b. about 1873, d. 22 December 1945)
DaughterAmy Laura Kemp (b. about 1875, d. 12 September 1924)
DaughterMarita May ("Marcella") Kemp+ (b. 19 January 1877, d. 14 July 1949)
DaughterClarinda Mary Kemp (b. about 1879, d. after 12 December 1931)
DaughterEdith Ivy Kemp (b. 28 April 1881, d. after 12 December 1931)

Residence information

On 30 March 1851 resided with parent (Frances ("Granny Elliott") Gibson, charwoman) in London, England, United Kingdom. She and her daughter Emma were living in the household of Sarah Jones, charwoman. Her son James (aged 19) was living nearby at either Battersea or at St Mary, Putney. Her other son George was probably the 16-year-old apprentice clock maker living with Thomas Chester at Bakers Row, Clerkenwell.18 On 5 April 1855 he resided with parent (Frances ("Granny Elliott") Gibson) in London, England, United Kingdom.4 Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott immigrated on 2 October 1855 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. SS "Hilton"19,2,1,6,20 She travelled from Mudgee in November 1855 in Quambone, New South Wales, Australian Colonies. They travelled by bullock wagon. Emma Elliott later claimed to be the first white woman in Coonamble.6,21 She lived at The Molle in Quambone, New South Wales, Australian Colonies, in November 1856. The Mole was a grazing property owned by her uncle, George Gibson. It was near his other property, Wallengambone; near Quambone.8,6 She lived in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia, about 1931. "Granny, of Coonamble, Is Cheerful Worker At 94 Years
"COONAMBLE, Monday.- 'Granny' of Coonamble, Mrs Emily Kemp, at the age of 94, is a day-long toiler toiler in her neat home, and a sound critic of passing events.
"MRS. KEMP has never used spectacles to read or sew.
"She has 148 descendants, which include 16 children, 40 grandchildren, 87 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.
"'Granny' is the best-known soul in the place, and always has a cheery word for her innumerable friends."
NB One of the 5 GG-Grandchildren was Reginald Bruce Fleming, b. 1929.3

Working life

  • In 1860 Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott was a bush nurse.6,22


Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott died from broncho-pneumonia and senility on 12 December 1931 at age 94 at Coonamble District Hospital in Coonamble. "broncho-pneumonia" and "senility"1,2,23,22 She was buried on 18 December 1931 at CofE Cemetery in Coonamble.1,23 She had her estate probated on 14 February 1932 in Coonamble.24


There is a memorial to Emma Mary ("Granny Kemp") Elliott at New Coonamble Cemetery in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia. Follow this link for information and images of her memorial.


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