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Catherine Long

b. 1801, d. 9 January 1871

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Catherine Grome nee Long circa 1870


Catherine Long was born in 1801.1

Family life

Married on 20 August 1827 in Sydney.2,3 James Grime, The Younger, and Catherine Long were separated circa 1833 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.4 William Carlow and she were married on 13 January 1854 at Dandry Station in Coonabarabran.2,5,6

Children with James Grime, The Younger, (b. 5 October 1796, d. 1 March 1869)

SonJames Grime (b. 15 July 1826, d. 13 January 1866)
SonJohn Grime (b. 5 May 1828, d. 18 May 1828)
DaughterMary Grime+ (b. 4 June 1829, d. 14 November 1911)
DaughterJane Grime (b. 19 September 1832, d. 27 July 1896)

Children with William Carlow (b. circa 1800, d. 22 April 1858)

DaughterMartha Carlow (b. 28 December 1838, d. 24 October 1919)
DaughterMary Ann Carlow (b. 1840, d. 1923)
SonWilliam Carlow (b. 3 June 1842, d. 1903)
SonJohn Carlow (b. circa 1847, d. 6 February 1872)
DaughterEllen Carlow (b. 14 June 1849, d. 1906)

Residence information

Catherine Long emigrated on 25 January 1823 from Cork, Ireland. The was transported aboard the convict ship Woodman7,3 She immigrated on 25 June 1823 to Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Colonies, at Port Jackson.7,3,8 She lived in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australian Colonies, in November 1825, as a convict assigned to GSW Lloyd.9

Involvement in crime

Catherine Long was convicted of larceny from a shop at the Spring Assizes in May 1822 in Cork, Ireland. She was sentenced to be transported for 7 years7,3

Working life

  • On 8 February 1825 Catherine Long was a convict assigned to Captain Dick.10


Catherine Long died on 9 January 1871 at age ~70 in Coonabarabran.8 She was buried on 11 January 1871 at Dandry Station in Coonabarabran.8 She had her estate probated on 25 January 1871 at Dandry Station in Coonabarabran. Her beneficiary, David Matthews, was her son-in-law.11


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