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James Grime, The Younger

b. 5 October 1796, d. 1 March 1869

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James Grime, The Younger, was born on 5 October 1796 in Bolton.1,2 He was baptized on 9 October 1796 at St James Church in Haslingden, Lancashire. The family lived in the Bolton parish1,3,4


FatherJames Grime, The Older (b. 1759, d. 10 September 1831)
MotherBetty Entwistle (b. March 1764, d. 15 January 1831)

Family life

James Grime, The Younger, and Jane Hardman were married on 4 January 1815 in Bolton.5 He and Catherine Long were married on 20 August 1827 at Scots Church in Sydney.6,7 He and Catherine Long were separated circa 1833 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.8

Children with Jane Hardman (b. 1796)

SonJames Grime+ (b. 1 March 1816, d. 28 July 1872)
SonWilliam Grime (b. 16 August 1818, d. 16 October 1819)

Children with Catherine Long (b. 1801, d. 9 January 1871)

SonJames Grime (b. 15 July 1826, d. 13 January 1866)
SonJohn Grime (b. 5 May 1828, d. 18 May 1828)
DaughterMary Grime+ (b. 4 June 1829, d. 14 November 1911)
DaughterJane Grime (b. 19 September 1832, d. 27 July 1896)

Residence information

James Grime, The Younger, emigrated on 17 June 1819 from London, England, United Kingdom. The captain had received dispatches for the NSW Governor on the previous day. The ship sailed at 6am under a north-easterly breeze.9,10,11 He immigrated on 29 October 1819 to Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Colonies, at Port Jackson. The ship anchored in Sydney Cove on the following day. The ship brough a guard of 31 men of the 89th Regiment. It had touched at Rio de Janiero en route, leaving there on 17 August.10,12,11,13 He lived at the household of Benjamin Young (constable) in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australian Colonies, in November 1828, carpenter. The census records indicate that James Grime's carpentry skills were probably employed on the Liverpool convict barracks.12 He sold a house and land for 25 pounds on 19 September 1833 in Parramatta.14 He sailed aboard SS Harpooner on 29 January 1846 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Colonies.15

Involvement in crime

James Grime, The Younger, was committed to trial on 17 October 1818 in Bolton, Lancashire. James Grime senior, James Grime junior and Solomon Mather were both charged with uttering forged notes at Bolton. James Grime senior was also charged with having forged notes in his possession. William Entwistle was charged with uttering forged Bank of England notes at Church Bank in Blackburn and with having another forged note in his possession. Henry Entwistle was charged with uttering a forged bank note to Thomas Brabin at Great Bolton and for having forged bank notes in his possession. Others charged with similar crimes included John Thomas, James Twist, William Morris.16,17,18

Working life

  • On 4 January 1815 James Grime, The Younger, was a weaver in Bolton.5


James Grime, The Younger, died from hypertrophy of the heart on 1 March 1869 at age 72 at Benevolent Asylum in North Melbourne.


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