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Mary Lahy

b. March 1793

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Mary Lahy 1793 -

Detailed biography

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Mary Lahy was born in March 1793 in Kilkenny.1,2,3,4 She was baptized on 12 March 1793 at St John's in Kilkenny, Ireland.4,5


FatherMartin Lahy (b. circa 1760)
MotherBridget Kain (b. circa 1761)

Family life

Thomas Tobin and Mary Lahy were married about 1815 in Kilkenny.6,7 She was in a domestic partnership with Cornelius Bowe before 1819.1,8,3,7 William Boardley and she were married on 15 January 1838 at St Patrick's church in Parramatta.9

Children with Thomas Tobin (b. about 1791, d. about 1818)

SonPatrick Tobin+ (b. March 1815, d. 28 June 1887)
DaughterMary Tobin+ (b. July 1817, d. 12 December 1856)

Children with Cornelius Bowe (b. about 1795, d. about 1828)

SonMartin Bohen+ (b. November 1819, d. 22 July 1891)
SonSecond son Bohan (b. about 1822)
DaughterEllen Elizabeth Bowe+ (b. December 1823, d. 14 October 1881)
SonJohn Bowe (b. April 1827, d. after 1837)

Partner with William Boardley (b. 1810)

Residence information

Mary Lahy immigrated on 30 May 1837 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. SS Margaret3 On 31 December 1837 Mary Lahy lived in Sydney, NSW, Australia. She was assigned to John Jones.10

Involvement in crime

Mary Lahy was tried for on 17 July 1836 in Kilkenny, Ireland. recieving stolen property in house||She was sentenced to transportation for 14 years.3 She was in Windsor, NSW, Australia, on 3 January 1849. accused of an unauthorised absence from her district11

Working life

  • On 17 July 1836 Mary Lahy was a country servant in Kilkenny.3


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