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Attwood Charles Gardner

b. 24 December 1862, d. 1 May 1937

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Attwood Charles Gardner, circa 1928

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Attwood Charles Gardner was born on 24 December 1862 at Tareelwung Station, Castlereagh River, in Coonabarabran. His birth certificate spells it as "Terrealon", Castlereagh River but gives the father's address as "Tourable". Daughter Georgina's BC records Attwoods' birthplace as "Treelwongar, Terembone, NSW". In pencil on the BC is written "near Gilgoona". The birth took place without the assistance of a doctor or a midwife. Attwood Charles' father, George Gardner, was a 49 year old Stockman. Previous issue from the marriage comprised 5 males and 2 females living and 1 female deceased1,2,3,4,5


FatherGeorge Gardner (b. 4 September 1813, d. 25 September 1890)
MotherMary Grime (b. 4 June 1829, d. 14 November 1911)

Family life

Attwood Charles Gardner and Frances ("Granny Gardner") Kemp were married on 8 November 1884 at St Barnabas' C of E Church in Coonamble.6,7,2,3,4

Children with Frances ("Granny Gardner") Kemp (b. 7 July 1859, d. 10 May 1943)

SonAttwood Charles Gardner (b. 28 March 1886, d. after 1 May 1937)
DaughterBertha Ada Gardner+ (b. 4 November 1887, d. after 1 May 1937)
DaughterEmma Mary Gardner (b. 12 June 1890, d. after 1 May 1937)
DaughterAmy Laura Emily Gardner+ (b. 12 March 1892, d. 23 September 1952)
DaughterClarinda May Gardner (b. 3 June 1893, d. after 1 May 1937)
DaughterVida Robina Gardner+ (b. 9 December 1895, d. 24 March 1967)
DaughterGeorgina Jane Gardner+ (b. 14 March 1897, d. after 1 May 1937)
DaughterNora Olive Lavina Gardner+ (b. 26 January 1900, d. after 1 May 1937)
SonAlbert George William Gardner (b. 28 January 1902, d. before 1 May 1937)
DaughterDaisy Una Geraldine Gardner (b. 1907)

Residence information

Attwood Charles Gardner lived at Railway Lane in Coonamble, NSW, Australia, on 1 May 1937.4

Working life

  • On 14 March 1897 Attwood Charles Gardner was a boundary rider at Treelwongar, Terembone near Gilgooma, in Coonamble.3


Attwood Charles Gardner died from diabetes mellitus and arterio sclerosis on 1 May 1937 at age 74 at Railway Lane in Coonamble. ||Doctor McCormack certified that he died from "diabetes mellitus" and "arterio-sclerosis". He had suffered from the former for 2 years.4 He was buried on 2 May 1937 at CofE Cemetery in Coonamble.4,8


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