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John House

b. January 1807, d. 12 December 1888

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John House was born in January 1807 in Drayton.1,2


FatherJames House (d. before 1856)
MotherMartha (d. before 1856)

Family life

John House and Mary Hooper were married about 1829 in Drayton.3,2

Children with Mary Hooper (b. about 1808, d. 2 April 1875)

SonHouse (d. before 1888)
SonHouse (d. before 1888)
SonHouse (d. before 1888)
DaughterMartha House (b. about 1831, d. before 12 December 1888)
SonCharles House (b. about 1833, d. after 1888)
DaughterEllen House (b. about 1835, d. after 1888)
DaughterFanny House (b. about 1838, d. after 1888)
SonWilliam House (b. about 1842, d. after 1888)
DaughterGrace House+ (b. 12 August 1845, d. 6 October 1900)
SonJob House (b. about 1849, d. after 1888)

Residence information

John House immigrated on 4 September 1856 to Sydney, NSW, Australia. SS "Lloyds"1,4

Working life

  • On 12 August 1845 John House was a labourer in Drayton.5
  • On 4 September 1856 John House was a farm labourer in Sydney.1,6
  • About 1860 John House was a timber carter.4
  • About 1888 John House was a labourer.2


John House witnessed the death of Mary Hooper on 2 April 1875 at Harbour Street off Hay Street in Sydney, NSW, Australia. chronic diarrhoea3 He died on 12 December 1888 at age 81 at 161 Crown Road in Sydney. senile bronchitis and valvular disease of heart2 There was a funeral for on 16 December 1888 in Leichhardt, NSW, Australia. He was buried in Balmain Cemetery (now Pioneers Memorial Park in Leichhardt)2


There is a memorial to John House at Pioneers Memorial Park in Leichhardt, NSW, Australia. Follow this link for information and images of his memorial.


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