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A history of the Fleming, Jolliffe, Kessey and Murphy families of New South Wales - and their forebears

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Wilfred James Jolliffe

b. 22 June 1915, d. about 1992

Family surname

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Wilfred James Jolliffe was born on 22 June 1915.


FatherJames Jolliffe (b. 1 January 1883, d. 4 January 1969)
MotherAmy Laura Emily Gardner (b. 12 March 1892, d. 23 September 1952)

Family life

Wilfred James Jolliffe and Joyce Whittle were married.1


Wilfred James Jolliffe died about 1992.


  1. [S473] Lorraine Voigt, The Kemp Family History, 5 Kenworth Street, Brassall, Qld, 4305: Lorraine Voigt, 1992, p 49.
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