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A history of the Fleming, Jolliffe, Kessey and Murphy families of New South Wales - and their forebears

Memorial for David and Susannah Press

David Press was born at Wiveliscombe, Somerset in about 1837 and died at Piper Street, Bathurst NSW on 31 August 1918. Susannah Baker was born at Campbell's River near Rockley NSW in about 1848 and died at Triangle Flat near Rockley NSW on 14 October 1907. They had been married at the Church of Saint Michael and Saint John in Bathurst NSW on 2 May 1866. They are buried in Jumpers Flat Cemetery at Rockley NSW.

Obituaries for Susanna Press were published in the National Advocate (Bathurst) and Lithgow Mercury (Lithgow) on 16 October 1907. Funeral notices for her husband David Press were published in September 1918 in the Bathurst Times and the National Advocate (Bathurst), followed by a Probate Notice. Obituaries for David Press were published in the National Advocate (Bathurst) and the Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney).

Memorials for David and Susannah Press in Jumpers Flat Cemetery

 Jumpers Flat Cemetery