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James Jolliffe

b. about 1849, d. 22 June 1936

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James Jolliffe, circa 1935

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James Jolliffe was baptized on 14 February 1849 in Marston Magna, Somerset, England.1,2 He was born about 1849 in Marston Magna.3,4,5,6 He was baptized on 12 December 1850 in Marston Magna, Somerset, England.7


FatherThomas Jolliffe, 2 (b. 28 April 1810, d. 21 November 1867)
MotherElizabeth Curry Shepherd (b. 17 June 1810, d. 26 December 1894)

Family life

James Jolliffe and Margaret Edgar were married in 1872.3,8 He and Susannah Waples were married on 30 December 1878 at St Michael's Church in Wollongong. C of E9,6

Children with Margaret Edgar

DaughterAda Elizabeth Jolliffe (b. 1875, d. before 22 June 1936)
DaughterMabel Susan Jolliffe (b. 1876)

Children with Susannah Waples (b. 4 May 1855, d. 30 July 1927)

DaughterMary Jolliffe (b. 1876)
DaughterMabel Susan Jolliffe (b. 1877, d. 1964)
SonAlbert Jolliffe (b. 1878)
SonHerbert George Jolliffe (b. after 1880, d. before 1936)
SonWilliam Alexander Jolliffe+ (b. 1881)
SonJames Jolliffe+ (b. 1 January 1883, d. 4 January 1969)
DaughterEmily Jolliffe+ (b. 1884)
SonArthur Jolliffe (b. 1887, d. 29 January 1952)
SonDavid T Jolliffe (b. 1889, d. before 1936)
DaughterMary Jolliffe+ (b. 1890)
DaughterAmelia Jolliffe+ (b. 1892, d. 3 August 1962)
SonAlbert Jolliffe+ (b. 1894)
DaughterElizabeth Jolliffe (b. 1896, d. 1896)
DaughterEileen R Jolliffe+ (b. 1897)

Residence information

James Jolliffe lived with Thomas Jolliffe, 2, and Elizabeth Curry Shepherd about 1851 in Marston Magna, Somerset, England. residence number 175 On on 27 July 1857, Elizabeth, John, Ellen, Arthur, Thomas, Sarah, Robert, and Selina arrived at aboard. they was at age 47 years old. SS "Tartar"4,6,10

Working life

  • James Jolliffe was a farmer.6
  • On 22 March 1898 James Jolliffe was a farmer at Goolagong NSW contracted to supply forage to the Police Force.11
  • On 26 September 1909 James Jolliffe was a farmer.12


They was a benficiary of 's will on 16 November 1867.13 James Jolliffe died on 22 June 1936 at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Canowindra. toxaemia, lobar pneumonia, infct3,6 He was buried on 23 June 1936 at Gooloogong Cemetery in Goolagong.3


There is a memorial to James Jolliffe at Gooloogong Cemetery in Goolagong, NSW, Australia. Follow this link for information and images of his memorial.


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