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Catherine Hogan

b. 1807, d. 19 September 1865

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Catherine Hanrahan nee Hogan, circa 1855


Catherine Hogan was born in 1807 in South Creek.1,2,3


FatherPhilip Hogan (b. 1766, d. 22 May 1829)
MotherMary McMahon (b. 1777, d. 7 September 1859)

Family life

John Burke and Catherine Hogan were married on 21 July 1822 in Nepean.1,4,5 Patrick Hanrahan, the Elder, and she were married on 15 January 1851 in Hartley.1,6

Child with John Burke

SonMichael Burke, Hanrahan+ (b. April 1824, d. 1 June 1910)

Children with Patrick Hanrahan, the Elder, (b. 1784, d. 30 November 1858)

SonPhillip Hanrahan+ (b. 16 October 1825, d. 27 August 1907)
DaughterMary Ann Hanrahan+ (b. August 1828, d. 16 August 1907)
DaughterMargaret Hanrahan+ (b. 10 December 1830, d. 8 August 1864)
DaughterAnn Blanche Hanrahan+ (b. 3 January 1833, d. 16 January 1914)
DaughterBridget Hanrahan (b. 1837, d. 1 July 1860)
DaughterSarah Jane Hanrahan+ (b. 3 October 1843, d. after 1879)

Residence information

Patrick Hanrahan, the Elder, and Catherine Hogan lived and worked as a landholder at Woodford in Melville, NSW, in November 1828. Catherine Hogan had left her three-month-old daughter (Mary Ann) at Melville and had travelled to Sutton Forest.7 Patrick Hanrahan, the Elder, and she lived in Brisbane Valley Creek, NSW, Australia, on 15 January 1851.6

Working life

  • In September 1823 Catherine Hogan was a housekeeper to Patrick Hanrahan in Melville.2
  • In 1825 Catherine Hogan was a housekeeper to Hendrahan in Melville.2


They was a benficiary of 's will on 19 April 1857. No 43388 Catherine Hogan witnessed the probate of the estate of Patrick Hanrahan, the Elder, on 13 May 1859.8 She died on 19 September 1865 at age ~58 in Mount Pleasant.1,4


There is a memorial to Catherine Hogan at White Springs Cemetery in Black Springs, NSW. Follow this link for information and images of her memorial.


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