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Thomas Ballantyne

b. 26 July 1826, d. 27 March 1873

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Thomas Ballantyne was born on 26 July 1826 at Lickperwick in East Kilbride.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 He was baptized on 6 August 1826 in East Kilbride, Lanark, Scotland.8 Was born on on 6 January 1855 to Christina and Thomas Ballantyne in Lanark, Scotland. She was born at 3am and had an older sister and an older brother, both living.9,2,10,11,12,4,5


FatherThomas Ballantyne (b. 2 May 1799, d. 14 September 1887)
MotherMargaret Scott (b. 1 April 1803, d. 27 January 1887)

Family life

Thomas Ballantyne and Christina Ballantyne were married on 20 July 1851 at Parish of Mearns in Muirhead of Hamilton. He was a baker of Busby; she was from Waterford.13,2,14

Children with Christina Ballantyne (b. August 1826, d. 8 March 1867)

DaughterChristina Ballantyne+ (b. circa 1852, d. 18 December 1928)
SonThomas Ballantyne (b. circa 1854)
DaughterMargaret Scott Ballantyne+ (b. 6 January 1855, d. 23 November 1930)
DaughterHelen Ballantyne (b. circa 1857)
DaughterJean Ballantyne (b. circa 1863)

Residence information

Thomas Ballantyne lived at Brieryline in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, on 6 June 1841.15 He lived at Kilbride Road in Mearns, Renfrewshire, on 30 March 1851, baker. He was lodging with the family of Robert Ritchie, a Cal Block Printer.3,14 He lived at Busby in Mearns, Renfrew, Scotland, on 20 July 1851.13 Christina, as 's husband, resided with, in Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland, on 7 April 1861. wife.4 He lived at Ashforth's land in Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland, on 2 April 1871, baker. Thomas Ballentine was described as a widower.5,14

Working life

  • On 20 July 1851 Thomas Ballantyne was a baker at Busby in Renfrew.13,10,6,14
  • He was a baker on 6 January 1855 in East Kilbride, Lanark, Scotland.2,10,6,14
  • On 7 April 1861 Thomas Ballantyne was a bread baker at Bushyhill in Cambuslang.4,6,14


Thomas Ballantyne died from apoplexy on 27 March 1873 at age 46 at Causeyside in Tollcross. While the death certificate says that the cause of death was "chronic alcoholism", this was officially changed to "apoplexy" through the Register of Corrected Entries.10,6


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